Drapery Linings Blanket Your Home for Fall

November 11th, 2013

The Harvest Moon signifies a change in season and in home décor.  From the turning of the leaves, to the return of your flannel linens,  Autumn remains a cherished time of year.  With this change comes new attention to your cold and drafty rooms.  We will address drapery linings as a possible solution.  Also, the quickly approaching Holidays mean that your time to get custom work done is limited.  Get started now!

 Kravet 31121-512

TING Leather Rug

 Cinnamon Velvet Ribbon

 Brown Brush Fringe 

 Weisman Pendent

 Avocado Silk Ribbon

Autumn is upon us and many are dealing with the return of cold and drafty rooms.   Doors and windows can be a weak spot in your home’s defense against the elements.  According to Hunter DouglasWindows are energy holes. In fact, 5% of all energy consumed in the U.S. relates to energy flow through residential windows.”  What to do…??  There are lots of options to consider.  In this post, let’s address drapery linings.


Types of Linings

  • Cotton: Cotton linings set the standard.  They are available in a diversity of colors, widths and yes… even eco-friendly options!  Many cotton linings contain a synthetic-poly component which adds to the textiles’ ability to withstand UV-ray damage.  It’s my opinion that 100% cotton linings do just as good a job and don’t use as many petro-chemicals in manufacturing.  The exception to this would be Chintz (or colored lining).   Chintz deserves it’s own post because I love colored linings…!!!
  • Room Darkening: Also known as ‘Blackout’, this is one amazing textile.  As the name implies, it provides an advanced ability to control light (and temperature) both day and night.  It can be found in a variety of base fibers however I recommend ones that are 100% cotton.  The room darkening property is added to the textile in a sprayed foam application.  This lining deserves its own post because there’s a lot to know!
  • Thermal Sueded: Thermal sueded linings are not my favorite.  It has been my experience that these fabrics are largely synthetic, can be difficult to sew and fall apart (or stick together to be more accurate) in the cleaning & dry cleaning process. So… I’ll move on.
  • Bump Interlining: Bump interlining by definition is a layer of fabric sandwiched between your main decorative fabric and standard lining creating a 3 layer system.  Bump is a flannel-like textile made from cotton and cotton blends.  It is available in different weights (some can be found up to 1/4 inch thick, a true English Bump) and is most commonly seen in an unbleached, muslin-like finish.  Bump adds significant thermal properties to your window treatments which we will explore shortly.  It is also used with silk and other luxury textiles to provide a lift and fullness.


Thermal Qualities

Drapery linings work by creating a barrier that disrupts the convection of air in your room.  Convection is the movement of air from high (warm) to low (cold).  As the air in your room moves past windows and doors it cools (or heats in the case of summertime).  Window treatments, especially drapery feel like you are putting a giant blanket over your room.  The temperature remains more constant and the drafts that freeze your toes in Winter are minimized.  They also contain the laser-like sun rays of summer.

It’s difficult to find exact numbers, or R-values, on drapery linings.  According to Hanes Finishing, linings can improve the R-value of an unlined drapery by up to 310 percent.  Keep in mind the draperies tested were a three-layer system including a bump interlining.  A standard cotton lining (two-layer system) is closer to 43 percent improvement.

Yup – It Works!

I can confirm the superior thermal qualities of a 3-layer system.  My first home in Boulder CO included the original 1950′s single-pane glass windows.  Needless to say our first winter was a very cold one.  I quickly made bump-interlined drapery and significantly improved our situation.  Despite the fact that we ultimately had to install new windows, the thermal drapery remained in service and continued to provide superior privacy and temperature control.

Don’t be caught unprepared, the Holiday Season will be here soon! 

Who needs more stress during the hectic Holiday Season?  Design projects can be a true test to your patience.  It can take time to select fabric, accommodate backorders and your local tradesmen will have longer lead times.  In other words… get started now!

Mushrooming With Design

October 10th, 2013

Much to my excitement, record rainfall here in Colorado has resulted in an explosion in mushrooms!  Hundreds of these giants popped-up in my garden seemingly overnight.  My enthusiasm over these mushrooms has inspired me to examine the Deco Accessories collection.  From color to texture, these mushroom’s earthy elements can be found throughout.   I even named one of my velvet trims ‘Mushroom’.  However, because a more literal translation sounds like fun, let’s explore even more mushroom inspiration!  Did someone say “risotto”?

Brown Large Cord


Mushroom Velvet Ribbon

Green Twill Tape

Brown Large Tack

Ivory Tassel Trim

Grasshopper Velvet Ribbon

Brown Twill Tape

Blond Silk Ribbon

My fondness for mushrooms continues with food.  Here’s a recipe by one of my favorite Aussies, Lil Tulloch!  You can find this recipe (and more) in her recent cook book ‘A Bite of the Big Apple’.  Co-authored with her mother Monica Trapaga.

Within the design world, ‘mushroom’ is often used to describe a color.  But, because I find mushrooms to be so darn cute, I couldn’t resist finding you even more design inspiration!

Duralee 21025-257


Ceramic   Mushrooms

Felt Mushroom Pin

Mushroom Table Set

Placemat by Envelop

Tea Towel Skinny Laminx

Edible Sugar Mushrooms

Vintage Mushroom   Textile

Did you know?

According to Fungi Perfecti   “The spores of mushrooms are made of chitin, the hardest naturally-made substance on Earth. Some scientists suspect that mushroom spores are capable of space travel; a few even believe that some fungi found on Earth originally came from outer space! (Others believe that people who think this must be from outer space themselves.)”

Does anyone know what type of mushrooms these are?

Welcome to Deco Accessories!

October 10th, 2013
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Multi-Tack Tabs



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